God is the Key

It's a new year and I'm driving a new car.  It takes some getting use to when you have become comfortable with the routine of the same gauges, mechanics and audio system.  I knew everything about the old car so I pretty much functioned on automatic.  There was no need to check the owner's manual, no reason to think about how to turn anything on and no consideration of whether I was competent to troubleshoot any malfunctions.  I knew how to handle that car.  Which brings me to why I had a problem opening the trunk of my new car this afternoon.  I needed to get a box out of the car.  I went into the garage and tried to open the trunk.  It would not budge.  Well, I remembered the box I needed was in the back seat anyway so I attempted to open the back door.  It would not budge.  I had just walked out there not having considered how I was going to gain access to this new car.  My old car was always unlocked in the garage so I assumed this one would be too.  Not so, a key was r…


VOTING RIGHTS      By Rep. John Lewis Voting rights are under attack in America.   Quietly, gradually, state-by-state, the right to vote – a right that many people died to secure – is being taken away.   The Brennan Center released a report that shows that voting law changes across the nation will make it significantly harder for more than 5 million voters to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  This should not be happening. Today, we should be making it easy, simple, and convenient to vote.  Instead, legislatures around the nation are creating barriers and making it more difficult for citizens to vote.  There is not just one law, but many types of laws that are disenfranchising millions of voters: voter photo identification laws, proof of citizenship laws, barriers to registration, elimination of early voting and absentee voting, and laws making it harder to restore voting rights for people who have paid their debt to society.  These laws are a barrier to an inclusive democ…

The Queen

Worthy of throwing a shoe at this woman.  There is not another Aretha Franklin.

Messy Room

No one would pay to stay in a messy hotel room but we will spend our lives living in messy rooms, dorms and homes.Over time we get comfortable with the disorganized chaos.We tell ourselves, we know where everything is and can find it easily.Occasionally, we clean the mess when expecting company.We do not pay for mess or want to visit mess. Other people do not appreciate our mess. It takes a very close friend or family member to put up with our mess and if they do, it is for a short stay.I have been known to clean a house before unpacking my bags.Some of us carry Lysol to make sure the place is clean.Who would want to stay in mess?

Colossians 1:27  27 To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: whichis Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Our Lord Jesus Christ lives in us in the midst of our mess.It is this great mystery of how Christ comes to reside in our messy lives that should cause us to fall prostrate in praise and prayer.None o…

Why sing?

Most birds sound like sopranos.Every now and then you hear an alto, but regardless they are always singing.Whether early in the morning or in the wee hours of the night, they sing.They neither have a roof over their head or a chef to cook to provide meals, they sing.In storm, snow and blazing heat without air conditioning or the warmth of a fire, they sing.A bird will sing. Why does the bird sing whether alone or with the flock?What prompts them to chirp?Only God knows.
Psalm 104:12
12 By them the birds of the heavens have their home;
They sing among the branches.

We may not know for sure why birds sing, but we certainly ought to know why we sing.When we think about the continual flow of blessing that envelope us each day, praise and song should be our response.When we consider the Lord’s death on a cross on behalf of desolate, sinful man, songs of praise should fall from our lips.No matter our circumstance in life, a song of thankfulness should be heard by all who come near.What prompts…

The Waiting Room

 What happens in the waiting room?  It appears only a fewparentsare completingtheirpaperwork because they are just starting to fill out forms when I open the door to the exam room.  Urgent phone calls have not been completed because parents are still making calls when I attempt to ascertain why they are in the office.  Children’s coats and hats are stillonbecause they were not removed while sitting in the waiting room.  Surely, Dads have already called their wife to find out what they were told to tell the doctor but no, they take out the phone in the while I am examining their childto speak to Mom.  What on earth is going on in the waiting room!  Apparently, not very much.  John 9:4

Happy Hour

What’s so happy about “Happy Hour?”If’s it’s so happy, why do you have to return every Friday night.It appears the happiness is fleeting.It depends on who’s at happy hour, if the appetizers are edible, if there is a cover charge, if the drinks are watered down, if the music is decent and for some, if you leave with someone.The concept of “Happy Hour” is based on a lie because Happy Hour last from 4 PM to 7 PM.That’s not an hour.The premise that happiness can be found in a bar or restaurant during a certain time frame is false advertising.The more time we spend searching for happiness in the wrong place, the less likely we are to find where true happiness resides. Psalm 144:15 15 Happy are the people who are in such a state;
Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Happiness is not found in a place. It is found in a Person.We are a blessed people when have trusted in the work of Jesus Christ and submitted to His Lordship.With salvation come joy, peace, grace and mercy.How can you not b…