Delayed Healing

The cut was deep, bled profusely and was tender to the touch.  I had fallen in the back yard while collecting tree branches for a friend.  My right foot was covered in blood.  I hopped down to the patio and knocked on the window of my husband’s study.  I had him hose off the blood which exposed a gapping gash on the side of my toe.  He irrigated the area with peroxide, applied Neosporin and wrapped my toe.  Any first year medical student would know the laceration needed suturing or at least Steri-Strip to close the wound within 24 hours.  My foot continued to hurt, so after six days I decided it was time to actually care for my own injury.  Russell drove me to my office and I did what I should have done the day I suffered the damage.  I had hopped around on my foot for six days when I had the ability and expertise to fix the cut.  The healing was always within my reach.  I failed to do my part which led to delayed healing.

Proverbs 4:20-22

20 My child, pay attention to my words;
listen attentively to my sayings.
21 Do not let them depart from your sight,
guard them within your heart;
22 for they are life to those who find them
and healing to one’s entire body.

Periodically, we all need to step back and allow healing to take place.  Instead of remaining on the treadmill of life, completing our daily to do list, we must bask in the presence of God and His word.  We need to hear from Him and hide His word in our heart.  This past year, I had to spend more time listening to His will for my life rather than churn out blogs because it had become a part of my routine.  I did not want to continue writing just to check blog done off my list. This time of meditation and prayer has released me to begin writing again.  I do not know how often my blogs will go out but they will come from a life giving touch from God. Try not to wait like me until you are crippled and in pain before doing what you know to do.  Healing is in His Word!  Take several doses of scripture each day as prescribed.  Do not delay!



  1. Linda,

    I hope you are doing better. There is healing in His Word. I believe God allows things to happen just so that we can see Him at His Word. God used pulling weeds from my garden to show me His faithfulness and the work He was doing in my life. He used that simple task to remind me that He was cleaning me up for greater works. He had to show me in the physical what He had done in my life in the spiritual.

    Thank you for your blogs. I am blessed by them.

    Jennifer Johnson


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