What an Honor

“Start with a sip of cranberry juice first.  If tea is served, use Splenda.  Feed her with a spoon, not a fork.  Make sure the food is not too hot or too cold.  Make sure she gets a vanilla shake.”  I can hear his voice every time I feed my Mom.  My friend Brenda hears his voice too.  He taught us how Katie Mae should be fed.  He was not shy about telling me where I had gone wrong.  He would stop me sometimes and just do it himself.  He was the expert.  Before Mom moved to long term care, Dad considered cooking for Mom a privilege.  I was not allowed to bring meals to the house.  He would say, “She cooked for me for over fifty years, why can’t I prepare her meals now.”  His labor of love has been passed to me.

Ephesians 6:2
“Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise.

It is an honor to continue the legacy of my father and to provide sustenance to my mother.  Just as there were trying days years ago caring for me, there are some tough times now but I would not trade the minutes spent with Katie Mae for anything.  I hope to honor my father by taking care of his precious wife, doing it his way.  Well, there was this poster board  hanging next to her bed that he had either taped up or tacked family pictures onto.  I can just about guarantee he is pitching a fit about my putting the poster in a frame.  I am my father’s daughter so some things I do my own way which is okay because I had such a phenomenal mentor and teacher whose voice still leads me today.  What an honor, having Bruce Edward Hall, Sr as your Dad!


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