It is great to have access.  My medical badge is well worn after years of gaining entry to several hospitals across the city.  One badge gets physicians into parking lots, garages, backdoors, secure corridors and doctor’s lounges not available to the general public.  This past week I tried swiping my badge to enter North Central Baptist Hospital from the doctor’s garage.  The green light to enter did not come on.  I tried swiping using different directions then slower and then again faster but the light would not turn green.  A custodian working in the garage at the time informed me, just push the door open.  Today you do not need the badge, you have access.

Ephesians 2:18

18 For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.

Have you been swiping unnecessarily trying to gain access to the Father?  Have you tried being faithful in church attendance?  Have you tried being rigorous in Bible Study or in teaching others?  Have you tried becoming more active in church ministry?  As Christians, we sometimes fall back on our works as a way of approaching God and enhancing our relationship with Him.  We become overworked and burned out thinking what we do will promote greater access to the Father.  We keep swiping and swiping not realizing that all we need do is open the door to the Holy Spirit by way of the work the Son has done on our behalf.  God sent me a reminder through a Baptist employee to stop all the swiping in my spiritual life.  The door is open.  God has already prepared my way of access and a badge is not required.


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