Sing Praise!

Early in the morning, if you listen closely you can hear birds chirping continuously whether there is sunshine or rain.  The sound is melodious and cheerful.  They have no house, they must forage for food each day and they are constantly on the move yet the sound they emit strikes me as uplifting.  They know not what the day will bring, yet they sing in harmony.  There does not appear to be a lead bird conducting the flock.  Each bird generates its own noises.  How exciting is that, to be inspired to sing praises every morning without prompting or cajoling.  The birds apparently have something to sing about.

Psalm 34:1

34 I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

What would happen if we started our day praising God?  What would we sound like?  Would our sounds encourage and edify all who hear our voice?  Would we praise despite the trials and tribulations that come our way?  Would it take a pastor, friend or mentor to prod, pull and push us into an attitude of praise?  What does it take to generate an overwhelming inner desire that compels us to praise?  Birds have no home, we do.  Birds search for food daily, we do not.  Birds must fly from place to place, we just walk.  I don’t know about birds, but we definitely have something to sing about and it is music to God’s ear any time of day.  Praise Him!


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