Sequels are ubiquitous.  There are blockbuster movies, books and concerts done in series.  In the entertainment business if it was phenomenal the first time around, then expect a sequel.   A few blog post back, I used a web image of a painter using his mouth to paint.  This is a sequel.  Today I am in Athens, Georgia for a wedding and what did I see this weekend?  A young man injured as a child who creates pieces of art.  A donation bucket sat at his feet.  The funds were designated for replenishing paint and supplies.  In the heat of the day, year in and year out this arm less artist can be found on the same corner painting .  

Throughout scripture, God repeats Himself.  Either the lesson was so vital to our understanding it needed to be reiterated or in His divine wisdom He knew we would not comprehend the meaning the first time. God is into sequels.  We really can as the scripture states do all things.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

She may not know it, but my Aunt Lib was my first mentor.  During the turbulent sixties in Long Island, New York, in her early twenties, she lived in her own apartment, traveled to Bermuda, the Caribbean , South America, and across Europe without fear or trepidation.  She met friends and maintained relationships over the years with people of different cultures and various  languages.  Her adventures expanded my world and instilled in me the wherewithal to believe anything is possible. My parents where aghast that I would fly off alone to a place I’d never been before and blame Aunt Lib.  Yes, Aunt Lib was the trail blazer, a living example that you can do all things.   I am just the sequel.


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