Every time I see the sign, I grimace. Really, slim for life.  No one is slim for life.  How can you guarantee the same body type will remain the same for any length of time?  To be honest, I have not checked out their website or spoken to their representatives.  I do not have to.  They are in business to sell wishful thinking.  It may work for a year or two but given time the body will revert back to what it knows best.  Eventually, good eating habits fall by the wayside, exercise routines sputter and monthly gym dues only benefit the gym.  I know, it’s depressing but there are truths in life that cannot be ignored.  Night follows day, the sun sets in the west, all men die and over time, weight returns.  There is another truth we must all confront.  The wages of sin is death.
Romans 6:23
23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Praise God, there is a remedy.  We can be rescued from eternal death.  We have been given the opportunity to live forever.  God has shown mercy toward sinful man using a justification program that pulls us out of a hellish pit and rescues us from damnation.  Once saved, you are sealed and saved for eternity despite sporadic backsliding and spurts of recommitment followed by falling off the wagon.  We have been assured of never falling into the pit again. Now that is a truth you can believe in, that we are saved for life.


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