Sleepless in San Antonio

I didn’t sleep at all last night.  Stretching and floor exercises to relax did not work.  Drinking hot tea with a heating pad on my neck and shoulders was of no use.  Sad to say, reading my lesson for Sunday not for understanding but using the scripture as a sleep aid was ineffective with good reason.  Many nights we lie down thinking about the news of the day, making plans for the following day, rehashing old conversations and re-configuring responses already uttered then spend the night fretting about not being able to sleep.  We try in earnest to put ourselves to sleep.

Psalm 127:2
For so He give His beloved sleep.

God gives His beloved. Sleep.  How will He do it for us?  When we consider our day and are content with what God has given.  When we understand tomorrow is not promised and it will take care of itself.  When we can be grateful for the quietness and the time of refreshment He provides.  When we allow Him to do what we cannot do for ourselves, releasing our body into His care and acknowledge that sleep is not under our control.  Remember, God is the sleep giver.  Tonight, I will accept the gift.


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