How Deep?

How deep must you go to see the beauty of the sea?  I enjoy snorkeling.  It takes minimal effort especially while wearing a life jacket.  Just a little kick here and minimal arm movement and you are off and going.  Colorful fish of all sizes swim pass.  Below are various hued coral so vibrant you can spot them along the rocks and coast.  But am I missing something?  Russell and Jared have marveled at the unparalleled beauty deep down, over one hundred feet beneath the surface of the ocean.  The creatures are bigger and more numerous. There is a whole new world down under if you choose to explore it by scuba diving which requires lessons, certification, expensive equipment, multiple practice dives and a buddy to dive with you for safety purposes.  How determined you are to see the beauty and richness of the sea depends on how deep you are willing to dive.
2 Timothy 2:15
15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Seeing God’s majesty, power, wisdom and love comes into view when you dive below the surface.  Of course, growth and maturity requires regular church attendance, participation in outreach ministries and sincere prayer and praise.  Why be satisfied with just the bare bones of religiosity when God calls us to dive deeper.  He wants us to know Him and fellowship with Him not just for just knowledge sake but that we might be transformed into His likeness and glorify His name. Like scuba diving, it takes work to see God and the world from a biblical viewpoint.  To study requires having a prayer life, investing in a Bible concordance, a Bible commentary, and maybe a Bible dictionary.  It takes scheduling a time and place on a consistent basis. To study effectively, you must submit to your buddy who comes along side you, the Holy Spirit.  When you commit to digging deeper, the words become vibrant, moving and inspirational.  How much you want to see of God depends on how deep you choose to dive.


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