Let it Rain

I was up early this morning watering the plants and Sega palms in the back yard.  The leaves were wilted and the soil dry.  My plants were withered and beginning to turn brown.  I started close to the house while singing a praise song in the cool of an early crisp spring day when I began to see drops of rain hitting the surface of the pool.  I then realized droplets of rain falling on me as well.  I put the hose away and came indoors.  I told Russell I had intended to water the plants but it had started to rain.  His words to me were “Let the Lord do the watering.”

Exodus 14:14

14 The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”

My little attempt at watering was feeble in comparison to the rain God sends.  His showers come at the right time, in the right amount and to the right place.  He is able to provide that same kind of power in dealing with our daily struggles.  When we try to fight our own battles, our efforts are ineffective and powerless.  Why use a little hose on the situation when the God of the universe is ready to give aid.  He can get more done than we can with our supposed brilliant plans and strategies.  Be at peace, stand still and put down useless weapons.  As my husband would say, “Let the Lord fight the battle.”



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