I believe I am owed a wave of thanks when I allow a car to merge in front of me especially during high traffic hours.  It’s so ungrateful when a car pulls out into the space you have allowed for them after several drivers have passed by with no thought of letting that car into the lane and that drive never acknowledges the gesture.  There is much muttering going on in my car when I do not see the wave I am looking for.  No home training.  No understanding of my graciousness in pausing to let them go ahead.  I hope they remember this when someone else needs to merge or turn into their lane.  The least they can do is give a wave of thanks.

How often have I not given God a wave of thanks?  How many times have I walked away from a blessing with no thought of God’s hand in my life?  How does God feel when He has made a way out of no way and I go on with my life as if I was entitled to His mercy and grace as if I earned His love and protection?  God desires thanks from us not sometimes or most of the time but at all times.  There is nothing too small or too great, to depressing or too joyful, too fearful or too awesome that can keep us from thanking God.  He is waiting to see if that hand goes up, that wave of thanks.  For the drivers I complain about, waving is an option but for God it is a command.  So WAVE.



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